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The Violent Perils of an America in Need of a Revolution


Op-Ed by Matt Croyle, Writer and Filmmaker

I’m not surprised to see a lot of people online screaming and crying for peace, and for non-violent protests to things they don’t agree with. In today’s America it is hard to fathom war, or moreover, revolutionary violence being used for any purpose. This is an America which has swept its social issues under a proverbial rug for hundreds of years, and with those actions multiplied their intensity exponentially. We see violent uprisings around the world everyday; uprisings for social, economic, and political change. And while Americans call for those changes, our own government doesn’t hear our voices. It keeps the status quo with the politicians it keeps in office. It militarized our local law enforcement organizations after 9/11, and enabled them to use excessive force without consequence. It passively speaks of real change in our nation.

As a very anti-war and anti-violence person, it is hard for myself to come to the realization that violence is becoming more and more necessary to incite the revolutionary changes our country has promised us, but has clearly ignored. As long as racism has existed, as long as class warfare has existed, as long as religious persecution has existed, as long as people have hated each other for their differences in sexuality and sexual preferences has existed, there has always been violence between peoples who shouldn’t let these issues come between them.

We are all Americans. We are a conglomerate of brothers and sisters descended from forefathers who started our great nation with a pliable declaration that these differences shouldn’t separate us. They should unite us, and make us different than any other nation on this planet. Our current government doesn’t want us united. They want us confused, frightened, and most of all submissive — and they will, and have, used every means possible to keep us ignorant to that fact.

This is not a call to arms, this is simply a call to clarity. This small, yet devastating, revolt in Dallas last evening was a result of people being tired and sick of being divided. And while I’m not condoning those actions, I urge you to clearly see it for what it was: revolt. And sometimes, without extreme acts of revolt, which may include unfortunate violent deaths, a revolution cannot truly begin.